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Be kind to your skin

Updated: Mar 26

At Medi SkinSaver®, we believe that kindness is the key to healthy skin. What do we mean by that? How do you show kindness to your skin? Through gentle, nurturing support. In medical training, young doctors are told that their role is simply to provide the optimal environment for the body to heal itself. What is true for the body, is also true for the skin.

Many people are caught in a subconscious war with their skin. They scour the surface with weekly or even daily scrubs, and apply harsh chemicals that peel off the outer layers, prematurely revealing the younger, tender skin beneath to direct sunlight, pollution, and other environmental challenges. Although there are very occasional exceptions to this rule, scrubs, peels, acids and drying alcohols should, we believe, be left out of your skin care routine. Yes, in the short term they can make your skin look smoother and younger. But the long term result is sensitisation, redness and thinner, more reactive skin.

Medi SkinSaver’s emphasis on vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide offers an ideal way to provide nurturing support for your skin. B3 fuels the energy pathways of the skin’s metabolic processes, vitalising it from the inside out. Unlike a peel, the results are not typically instantly visible. Your skin needs time to recover, time to thrive. When you graze your knee, for example, you do not wake the next morning completely recovered. But over the space of weeks the skin will restore itself. Your attitude should shift from “I need this fixed now”, to “I will love, nurture and support my skin, and give it the time it needs to respond to this kindness”.

The most consistent feedback we receive from users of Medi SkinSaver, and this feedback is in alignment with our own personal experience of using the product, is that their skin has never been healthier. Your skin wants to thrive. Your role is simply to give it the opportunity to do so.

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