For fashion and film celebrities, perfect skin is part of their capital wealth. The honorary title of ‘Celebrity Facialist’ is reserved for those whom celebrities trust to regularly care for their most precious asset. Marionne de Candia’s skin care expertise and facial skill sets are well renowned and applauded in a wide range of media from Harpers Bazaar and Vogue through Conde Nast and spa Industry publications. Her client list includes: Elle Macpherson, Kate Hudson and Baz Luhrmann to name a few. In June 2012, Marionne’s expertise was internationally recognised when she was featured in a list of 5 world-class facialists by Net-A-Porter magazine.
Throughout her career Marionne has studied facial techniques under the world’s best, including the famous lymphatics educator Dr. Vodder. She claims her secret of success is surprisingly simple: her skin care treatments are based on the understanding that even the world’ s best skin care products need to be applied with the right intention to achieve their true rejuvenating potential. Her techniques are guided by a deep understanding of what the skin’ s needs are, what the product contains, and what is happening below the surface when the two meet.
Marionne’s special topic of interest has always been with the ageing skin, particularly the effects of premature ageing due to sun exposure and environmental agents. But whilst her specialty lies within perfect technique and knowledge of the latest advances in anti-ageing skin care – her real passion is in helping people; in identifying and applying the right treatments, products and lifestyle adjustments to make a real difference in people’s lives.