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Hailed as a top 5 world-class facialist by Net-A-Porter, Marionne de Candia brings 40 years of skin expertise to Medi SkinSaver.

Throughout her distinguished career, Marionne has studied facial techniques under the world’s top experts including renowned lymphatics educator, Dr. Vodder, incorporating lymphatic drainage, acupressure, reiki and Healite LED into her skin rejuvenating sessions. “My secret to success is simple - even the world’s best skincare products need to be applied with the right intention to achieve their true rejuvenation potential. Her bespoke treatments have garnered a loyal celebrity following, including Kate Hudson, Elle Macpherson, Delta Goodrem, and Baz Luhrmann.

“I am guided by three things. A deep understanding of the skin’s needs, the active ingredients in the skincare applied, and what is happening below the surface when the two meet,” says Marionne. “My passion is to make a real difference by improving the quality of life of those under my care. My desire is that Medi SkinSaver remains affordable to everyone and to that end I have created a minimal, medically-oriented product that focuses purely on results.”

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