In my facial room with Dr Luke Stradwick, leading Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, I regularly saw the devastating impact skin cancers have on people's lives. For many, a skin cancer is not an unfortunate one-off event but an ongoing struggle, where the treatment of one cancerous or pre-cancerous lesion is soon replaced with the appearance of another. For some, this is simply the result of an unlucky roll of the genetic dice, whilst for others it is the legacy of a life-time of environmental damage - in particular, over exposure to U.V. sunlight.

Medi SkinSaver was born out of a desire to make a genuine difference in the quality of life of my clients by providing a simple and above-all effective preventative skin care option.

Formulated with the latest medical research in mind, Medi SkinSaver acts to protect and restore skin cells, minimising the degeneration of cellular health into disease.

My desire is that Medi SkinSaver remains affordable to everyone and to that end I have created a minimal, medically-oriented product that focuses purely on results.

Medi SkinSaver is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, Australian made and will be available through medical doctors and selected outlets.

~Marionne De Candia May 2020.


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