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I love this brand. It's completely clean beauty.

Elle Macpherson

Scar + Stretch Mark Cream 100mL

Scar + Stretch Mark Cream 100mL

Gently massaging Medi Skinsaver scar cream morning and night may help soften and flatten scar tissue, thereby reducing overall scar build up.

For post-operation scars*:

Gently massage into scars at least two weeks after sutures are removed and scabs have fallen off. Consult your physician for advice on when to commence. Apply morning and night. Diligently continue as scars slowly fade. 


For stretch marks:

Apply a generous amount of cream to the areas prone to stretch marks, such as abdomen, breasts, buttocks, and thighs. Massage gently until fully absorbed. Use twice a day, morning and night, throughout your pregnancy and after delivery.

Main Ingredients

Rosehip Oil  Vitamin B5  Green Tea  Liquorice Root  Aloe Vera  Vitamin E

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