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I love this brand. It's completely clean beauty.

Elle Macpherson

Body Cream 200mL

Body Cream 200mL

Medi SkinSaver Body Cream is designed to moisturise and nourish your skin, especially after sun exposure. It may also help to reduce the signs of skin damage, such as redness, inflammation, and dryness. The vitamin B3 in our Body Cream may also have some anti-aging effects on your skin, by supporting the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for keeping your skin soft, smooth, and supple.

How to use Medi SkinSaver Body Cream?
Apply Medi SkinSaver Body Cream generously to all areas of your body where you have concerns about sun damage. This includes areas where you may have been exposed to the sun in your childhood. Use it at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night, after cleansing your skin. Massage it gently into your skin until it is fully absorbed.


Medi SkinSaver Body Cream is not a sunscreen, so you still need to protect your skin from further sun damage by wearing appropriate clothing and sunscreen when you go outside.

Main Ingredients

Niacinamide [ Vitamin B3 ]  Coconut Oil  Propanediol Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride  Olea Europaea [ Olive ]  Fruit Oil

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