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Marionne and Medi SkinSaver™

Marionne De Candia's latest venture is as the creative force behind Medi SkinSaver, a medically-oriented skin care brand designed to restore and rejuvenate damaged skin. A "skincare for the people", Medi SkinSaver offers a clean, effective and affordable skincare range formulated to support anyone concerned about damage to their skin, whether it be through age, environment or injury.

Luxury Spa Consultant, Celebrity Facialist and Spa Protocol Trainer

Marionne De Candia’s specialist skin care and spa expertise spans over 40 years of commitment to excellence. In this time, she has gained extensive experience in the complete spa spectrum: from spa therapist to specialist facialist, to 5-star spa manager, to luxury spa consultancy. Her extensive experience and commitment to skills development have resulted in three key areas of specialisation:

  • Luxury Spa Development

  • Spa Management and Spa Staff Training

  • Teaching Specialist Facial Techniques

In June 2012, Marionne was featured in a list of 5 world-class facialists by Net-A-Porter magazine. 

Luxury Spa Development

Marionne has played an integral role in the development of some of Australia’s leading spas including The Spa at Gerry Harvey’s The Byron at Byron Resort; the Spa at the 6-star Bale Resort, Port Douglas; Rae’s Spa at the Byron Bay celebrity icon and landmark - Rae’s on Wategos, and Spa Saffire at the new peak service resort Saffire-Freycinet in Tasmania. She has also developed home spa environments for some of Australia’s most discerning clientele.

Marionne’s warm, yet highly practical approach to spa consultancy is perfectly suited to efficiently overcoming the myriad obstacles encountered when developing a top quality spa environment. Her hands-on knowledge as an experienced spa manager is particularly invaluable in negotiating difficult managerial areas such as staff selection, treatment costing and menu design. Her understanding of spa workflow and practical design requirements makes her a valuable collaborator with spa architects, resulting in a seamless creative path; from design, through construction, to staff appointment and training, through opening to public relations and media management.

Given her experience with ultimate luxury, her skill sets are particularly suited to celebrity and 5-star+ environments, along with exclusive home spas, penthouse spa suites and specialist luxury requirements. She is also particularly skilled in spa boutique (retail area) establishment and development.

Spa Management and Spa Staff Training

Staff represent the Achilles heel of all spas, no matter how beautifully designed or appointed, and the greatest ongoing challenge for spa managers. A quality spa experience only reliably emerges when management and staff are operating as a well-coordinated and supportive team. Achieving this is a much under-estimated challenge. Marionne’ s ability to set in place efficient spa operating systems and therapy protocols dramatically assists in the development of award-winning teams.

Marionne’s years of experience both as a therapist and as a manager, her gracious demeanour and skills as a communicator and particularly her remarkable ability to‘connect’ with staff and clientele, are time-proven assets in facilitating the process of staff training and harmonious team building.

Quality team training results in quality profitability.

Specialist Facialist Educator

For fashion and film celebrities, perfect skin is part of their capital wealth. The honorary title of ‘Celebrity Facialist’ is reserved for those whom celebrities trust to regularly care for their most precious asset. Her skin care expertise and facial skill sets are well renowned and applauded in a wide range of media from Harpers Bazaar and Vogue through Conde Nast and spa Industry publications. Her client list includes: Elle Macpherson, Kate Hudson and Baz Luhrmann to name a few.

Throughout her career Marionne has studied facial techniques under the world’s best, including the famous lymphatics educator Dr. Vodder. She claims her secret of success is surprisingly simple: her skin care treatments are based on the understanding that even the world’ s best skin care products need to be applied with the right intention to achieve their true rejuvenating potential. Her techniques are guided by a deep understanding of what the skin’ s needs are, what the product contains, and what is happening below the surface when the two meet.

Marionne's special topic of interest has always been with the ageing skin, particularly the effects of premature ageing due to sun exposure and environmental agents. But whilst her specialty lies within perfect technique and knowledge of the latest advances in anti-ageing skin care – her real passion is in helping people; in identifying and applying the right treatments, products and lifestyle adjustments to make a real difference in people's lives.

It is this broad understanding of treatment methodologies that Marionne imparts during her Facialist Certificate Course and when training a spa, or skin care therapist, or team.

Ongoing Skills Development

As part of her commitment to the highest level of professional care, Marionne continues to expand her remarkable knowledge base through seminars, postgraduate courses and direct consultation with the industry leaders in their respective fields. It is this level of expertise, combined with her enthusiasm and caring nature that has seen her continual rise to become a much loved and well respected figure within the Australian beauty and spa and wellness industry.

Enquiries Welcome

Marionne enjoys and welcomes enquiries. With the aid of her skilled industry associates, even the largest of spa consultancy projects will be handled with skill, professionalism and care.

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